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Because she was too playful, Himeno Ran always scored lower on her tests than her friends. She was always criticized, so she felt very sad. She couldn't bear to see her student like that, so the teacher offered to come to his house for private tutoring after each class. She agreed because she wanted to try not to be laughed at by her friends, but because she was lazy to study, she could only sit. I felt depressed for a while. Teachers are always trying to find ways to coax them, but she always ignores them because she can't concentrate. While thinking, she comes up with an idea that doesn't require much studying to get good results, she slowly Tell me about that idea and I'll think about it for a while and then agree. Listening to this, you guys know that's an idea, right? What a happy teacher, and Himeno Ran has such a cute and good-looking appearance. When he proposed something like that, how could anyone refuse? Not only that, but the teacher also has sex toys in the house, which is interesting, guys. That said, you should watch it to enjoy this wonderful movie

MUDR-228 Cosplay as a schoolgirl to have sex with her father-in-law
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