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Luck came very close to the high school boy when he was tutored by a charming, beautiful and extremely lustful female tutor - Suzumori. However, he is only a supporting character, the main character is also the lucky father who gets to taste the sweet taste, indulge in sensuality with the female tutor. While trying to persuade the teacher to give him a bj, suddenly his father came home. Before he could feel the pleasure, his father transferred it all to his body. He was bitter and a little shy, but he didn't know what to do other than watch the prey he had hunted fall into the hands of another hunter. And the father was too leisurely to just do the easiest thing left, which was to stuff the bait into his extremely hungry mouth. It is true that the benefits of children as fathers are real.

1PON-032815_052 While fucking the tutor, my father discovered me
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