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Keiran Lee went to his friend's house to play video games. As soon as he entered the door, his best friend's girlfriend, Misha, touched his dick. Misha sat between the two guys, groping and sucking Keiran Lee's cock right next to her lover. Because he wanted to be more comfortable, Keiran Lee asked Misha to go to the kitchen to pour water and followed her in. Misha sucks Keiran Lee's cock and licks his balls, his huge and long cock poking deep into her throat. While having sex, I looked out at the chair for fear that Misha's boyfriend would find out. Keiran Lee had to cover Misha's mouth because she cried loudly when she was happy. Too busy playing that they didn't think about their lover and best friend. Misha and Keiran Lee took advantage of that and took off all their clothes and had sex in the kitchen for nearly half an hour. Keiran Lee shot cum on Misha's face, she was happy and smiled with satisfaction. After having "sex" with each other, they brought water outside and saw mucus on Misha's face. Her lover was just surprised and continued playing video games. It's really stupid, having your best friend cheat on you right behind your back without even knowing it.

The boy was cheated on by his best friend right at home
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