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Taro was walking when he saw Himeka struggling to carry things out. Seeing that, he immediately came to help her. After finishing work, Himeka invited him into the house for a drink. Taro's L-cup breasts without a bra made it impossible for her eyes to look away. Because it was summer vacation, Himeka was also free. She offered to teach Taro to study to pass the upcoming university exam. Of course, Taro agreed. Knowing that Taro was attracted to her big breasts, Himeka immediately took the initiative to satisfy his desire. And from then on, every time he went to Himeka's house to study, Himeka would let him fuck him first so Taro could focus more on studying. Himeka even agreed to let Taro invite her friend to "study together" with the two of them...

IPX-986 The lucky young man and his neighbor with big breasts
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